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Anyone who has needed dental crowns, bridges, or veneers knows that it takes several weeks for their creation at a dental lab. This long process also requires two trips to the dentist and the use of a temporary restoration to cover the teeth prepared for permanent work. However, Cottage Grove Dental can make same-day dental restorations by using the CEREC® system.

CEREC® was created in the early 80’s at the University of Zurich and is now used by dentists all over the world. Because of CEREC® technology, you don’t need to have weeks of waiting, multiple dental visits, and temporary restorations. Everything is condensed into one trip to your dental office for a simple procedure:

  • First your teeth are prepared to receive the restoration.
  • Then the CEREC® Acquisition Unit takes a picture of your teeth.
  • CEREC® software uses the picture to create a 3D image of the restoration on the computer.
  • This computer generated image is sent to the CEREC® milling system, a 3D printer which creates the restoration from a ceramic block.
  • The restoration is checked and adjusted for fit and coloring before its final attachment to your teeth.

You can call Cottage Grove Dental today to learn more about CEREC® technology.