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When you lose permanent teeth, you can receive a dental bridge to fill the space and prevent missing teeth from impeding your oral health. This tooth replacement appliance consists of replacement teeth between two dental crowns that anchor to the natural teeth or dental implants. Below we provide information on the advantages of dental bridges and provide tips for proper care of your appliance.

A dental bridge benefits your oral health in the following ways:

– Restoring your smile to its original appearance and performance

– Maintaining your facial structure for a pleasing shape

– Enabling you to speak comfortably and chew well

– Redistributing the bite force so that you don’t experience abnormal too wear or stress

– Providing a barrier that stops surrounding teeth from moving into the empty space

Dental bridges can last ten years or more due to their durability, though they require excellent care with daily oral hygiene habits. Your routine should include dental cleanings and exams every six months from the dentist, as well as caring for your teeth every day with brushing and flossing to prevent gum disease and cavities. Proper oral hygiene enables the teeth that support the bridge to remain healthy and strong.

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