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There are many oral health tools you can use to supply your home with to keep your family’s oral health in tip-top shape. In fact, when it comes to dental floss, there is a sea of options to choose from at the store.
Luckily, our team at Cottage Grove Dental in Cottage Grove, Oregon, is happy to share with you some information on flossing tools you can supply your home with.

Waxed floss:
Waxed floss is a conventional method to select to floss your teeth. Waxed floss is the floss thread that is waxy and glossy, making it easy to slide between your teeth and along your gumline where you need it most. Waxed floss is an outstanding option for those who have severely crooked teeth, or teeth tightly wedged together, so your floss can slide in more comfortable between them.

Unwaxed floss:
Unwaxed floss is the most traditional form of dental floss on the market. It is straightforward to use and durable, so it can go between your teeth and along your gums. If you have suitably aligned teeth, this floss thread may be right for you.

Water flossers:
Water flossers are an innovative and favorite way to floss your teeth using a jet of water to floss around and between your teeth. The water flosser applies solid and gentle pressure that reaches between your teeth and along your gums to remove the bacteria. Water flossers are idyllic for those who fight with dental floss string.

Our dentist, Dr. Brent Bitner, encourages everyone to floss each day. If you have questions about your oral health or if you would like to set up an appointment, please call us today at 541-942-7934 today. Our professional dental team is happy to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have pertaining to your oral health care. Remember, any floss is better than no floss at all.