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Dental veneers are a dental restoration which can transform how your teeth look. Lumineers® are a type of dental veneer, and like veneers they cover and alter the appearance of stained, gapped, crooked, crowded, worn, or chipped teeth. However, there are a few differences between traditional veneers and Lumineers.


Lumineers are ultra-thin, much thinner than traditional dental veneers. Lumineers are nearly as thin as a contact lens, about 0.2 mm.


In order to have traditional veneers fit over teeth, some enamel needs to be drilled away. This part of your dental visit usually requires the injection of a local anesthetic for the drilling. You will have to wear temporary covers afterwards until the veneers are created. In contrast, Lumineers are a minimal-prep veneer. Since they are so thin, little to no tooth enamel removal is needed.


Both Lumineers and traditional veneers usually require 2 visits with your dentist. They will take an impression of your teeth (after drilling for traditional veneers) and send it to a dental lab to create the restoration. Lumineers and dental veneers will both have their fit checked and adjusted before they are bonded to your teeth.

Whether you choose traditional dental veneers or the ultra-thin Lumineers, you can transform your smile when you visit our office for cosmetic dentistry.