Diabetes Can Affect Your Oral Health

If you have diabetes, it is all the more important to take good care of your teeth and gums. Many studies have demonstrated that a diabetes diagnosis is linked to mouth infections such as gum disease, dry mouth, and oral thrush. There is a powerful statistical connection between gum disease... Read more »

Chew Gum, Eat Well

There are a couple of things you can do beyond basic dental hygiene to help your teeth. Their simple, easy habits that integrate seamlessly into daily life. Chewing gum and eating well are great ways to help your smile!   Eat Well: Make sure to get a lot of calcium-filled... Read more »

Routine Dental Appointment: What to Expect

It is highly important to your oral health that you brush and floss your teeth every day. However, oral hygiene alone is not enough to achieve and maintain ideal oral health. You must also have a professional dental cleaning and checkup twice a year. This will allow Dr. Brent Bitner... Read more »

A Chip That Only Alters One Surface of a Tooth Might Be Repaired

Dental fractures can sometimes occur from an accidental fall, sports injury, or from grinding your teeth at night. When this happens the damaged tooth enamel could cause increased sensitivity, discomfort, or even come to foster a severe cavity. If a chip is small and only affects a single surface of... Read more »

If Your Dental Bridge Feels Loose, You Need to Seek Dental Care

Your dental bridge was cemented onto the two anchoring abutments with a strong dental adhesive, and this is meant to bond it in place with the same integrity you enjoyed from the original tooth. As the years go by, it’s possible for chronic periodontal health problems to allow bacteria to... Read more »

Smile Restorations Begin with Dental Bridges

Are you suffering from missing teeth? Due to the problems that may arise from missing teeth, it is crucial to replace them soon. If you seeking a removable treatment, dentures may be your best choice, but for a permanent hold that can last a lifetime, dental bridges are a wonderful... Read more »

Mouth Guard Protection 101

What are some precautions you are taking for your mouth while participating in sports? Whether it’s being cautious on the field or avoiding physical contact, one of the best ways to protect your smile is using a mouth guard. Dr. Brent Bitner and our dental associates want you to protect... Read more »

Preparation Tips for Oral Emergencies

Preparing for oral emergencies is often as important as the actual treatment is if the worst should ever happen. Although minor accidents such as biting your lip may seem inconsequential, they can potentially have lasting effects on your smile and could lead to infections if not addressed properly. Thus, treat... Read more »

An Amalgam Filling Might Be Needed to Repair Tooth Decay on a Back Tooth

The premolars and molars in the back of your mouth are called upon to do a significant amount of work chewing and grinding food. When a cavity forms on one of these teeth, you might experience increased sensitivity, a change in texture or discomfort when biting down. With early detection,... Read more »

The Tooth Hazard Quiz

Are you prepared to handle any tooth hazards if they should arise? Do you know how to care for oral accidents that can occur to your teeth and gums? Have you set up effective treatment plans including healthy habits to protect your oral health? For more information about tooth hazards,... Read more »