Helpful Remedies for Oral Emergencies

If you are ever in an oral emergency, there are steps you can take to minimize the damage before you reach professional assistance. An oral emergency often consists of an accident to your mouth that could be permanent and one that oftentimes must be treated immediately. With the help of... Read more »

The Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a strong and reliable dental restoration that replaces your lost or missing teeth and goes deep into the bone giving support like a root of a tooth. It is a surgically placed product that gives you natural-looking results and makes eating, talking, and even singing easier. Dental... Read more »

Aging Affects Your Classic Smile

Being young has many advantages. As we age, many of us tend to lose some of these advantages like high energy levels and overall health. However, as we age, the body naturally slows down and it’s normal to keep your health in good condition. Your oral health is no different.... Read more »

Dental Phobias: How They Affect Your Oral Health

You probably know that being afraid of the dentist is quite common. Similarly, you probably know that not visiting your dentist can lead to a number of problems—both in your mouth and with your overall health. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to help with dental phobia.... Read more »

Combat Enamel Erosion with Fluoride

As you go about your day, the acidic foods and beverages, as well as the bacteria in your mouth, can erode your tooth enamel on a microscopic level. People struggling with an eating disorder, or who do not have municipal water, are even more likely to develop enamel erosion issues.... Read more »

Our Restorative Options Can Bring Back Your Confident Smile

Are you currently missing a tooth and are less than confident about your smile? Many things can cause tooth loss, including tooth decay, gum disease, injury or trauma, smoking, along with age. At Cottage Grove Dental, our dentist, Brent Bitner, DDS and our team are pleased to offer restorative dentistry... Read more »

Want a New Smile? It’s a Snap!

Many people wish their smile were a little different. Maybe you have stubborn staining or discoloration, or teeth that are crooked or irregularly shaped. There is a variety of solutions offered by cosmetic dentistry, but there is one you might not have heard about before--Snap-On Smile®. Snap-On Smile is a... Read more »

Break These Five Bad Dental Habits

Did you know that your day-to-day habits may be putting your smile at risk? With the proper care, your teeth can last for decades to come and stay strong, healthy, and beautiful. Explore the five bad dental habits below to see if you can save your teeth by modifying your... Read more »

Solving The Equation Of Dental Calculus

Most of us equate calculus to an advanced level of mathematics that makes the brain hurt. But in the dental world, calculus is another name for tartar, which is a hardened plaque that can cause a lot of harm to your oral health. Pre-Calculus, Or Plaque Dental calculus starts out... Read more »

Preparing and Recovering from Gingival Flap Gum Surgery

Thoughtful preparation and aftercare greatly improves your chances for a quick recovery after gingival flap surgery. Let your surgeon know about any medications you are taking or medical conditions at the initial appointment. Tobacco use irritates gum tissues which increases healing time and can also cause infection in the gums... Read more »