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Preparing for oral emergencies is often as important as the actual treatment is if the worst should ever happen. Although minor accidents such as biting your lip may seem inconsequential, they can potentially have lasting effects on your smile and could lead to infections if not addressed properly. Thus, treat all oral emergencies the same, even ones that may seem insignificant. For common treatment tips, see below:

Item stuck between teeth:
– If you have an item stuck between your teeth, do not try to pry it out with a sharp instrument. Doing so can damage your gums, teeth, or entire mouth. Instead, use an interdental tool to help loosen the item until it can be safely pulled out with care.

Lip or mouth bite:
– If you have bitten down onto an area in your mouth, it may seem trivial, but an open wound can lead to infection. Wash the area cleanly and apply gauze until bleeding stops. If the bleeding is too heavy, you may have to visit your doctor for a set of stitches to close the wound.

Cracked or chipped tooth:
– Cracked and chipped teeth can occur from a wide variety of causes, some of which may be preventable, but many that cannot be. Be prepared for damaged teeth, by immediately cleaning the area of debris and applying gauze until the bleeding has completely stopped.

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