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Are you suffering from missing teeth? Due to the problems that may arise from missing teeth, it is crucial to replace them soon. If you seeking a removable treatment, dentures may be your best choice, but for a permanent hold that can last a lifetime, dental bridges are a wonderful choice.

Dental bridges are applied by installing artificial replacements directly in between your tooth gaps and using the nearby teeth as the foundations to link onto for a durable hold that can potentially last for the rest of your life. Not only will your mouth’s aesthetics be improved, but various functions such as eating and speaking will be enhanced as well.

Your oral health will also benefit from a boost due to dental bridges because leaving empty gaps in your mouth can result in additional bacteria and plaque buildup. The bacteria can use the empty recesses to thrive. Furthermore, the gum tissue around missing teeth can weaken and cause neighboring teeth to slip and slide and come out of alignment.

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