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In order to apply the best possible treatments for your smile, you may need to take extensive measures. In situations where teeth have been lost or extracted due to poor oral health or severe injury, you do not have to worry about having an incomplete smile, as there are several options to replace any missing teeth you have. No matter the reason for having lost a tooth, treatments such as dentures, implants, or bridges can be used to replace one or more teeth and provide your smile with a complete set of shining pearly whites.

Repairing your smile includes understanding that there are risks associated with missing teeth as well as the importance of replacing missing teeth. If you’re looking for a temporary replacement for your missing teeth, our dentist can create a set of dentures for your smile. Dentures can be customized and crafted to fit your unique dental impression, ensuring that they will fit comfortably, provide a natural look and function properly. However, unlike some other tooth replacement treatments, dentures can be removed and cleaned easily as needed. Make sure you exercise caution when removing your dentures, as they are fragile.

For a more permanent tooth replacement, consider dental implants. Implants are inserted into your jawbone to provide a long-lasting replacement that looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth. Once your implant is in place, you can clean it just as your other teeth, and by maintaining proper oral hygiene, your implant could potentially last a lifetime.

If your jawbone is not strong enough to hold an implant, or if you’re looking for alternative tooth replacement treatments, consider dental bridges. Because they are fixed in place, both dental bridges and dental implants require minimal to no restrictions in your current lifestyle or diet. Dental bridges can replace a single tooth or a row of missing teeth. By securely attaching to neighboring teeth, dental bridges can ensure that your remaining teeth do not move out of place.

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