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TMJ disorder is a reference to pain and discomfort of the temporomandibular joints. These joints attach the upper and lower jaw to your head. The first warning signs you may have TMJ pain is the feeling of a constant dull ache near the ears or temples, coupled with pain while moving the mouth.

Most often, TMJ disorder is seen in people who grind their teeth at night, causing them to develop an inflammation which is the source of the pain. TMJ disorder can also be caused by previous dislocations of the jaw, arthritis, or an injury to the ball and socket joints.

The treatment of a TMJ disorder is dependent on what issue is causing it. Cottage Grove Dental uses an effective two-step system for treatment.

A patient with TMJ disorder will initially be advised to switch to soft food or to using heat treatments on the jaw muscle to soothe the area. More advanced options will be prescribed if these are ineffective treatments.

If the TMJ disorder is due to teeth grinding at night, the patient will be given a custom fitted mouth guard to wear while sleeping. The guard is designed to protect the teeth from damage and to help relieve tensions in the jaw muscles. Typically, a mouth guard treatment is also paired with rehab exercises to strengthen the jaw muscle. Medications are also used to help with inflammation and also relax the muscles.

A successful treatment of TMJ disorder depends on catching it early on. To schedule your appointment in Cottage Grove, Oregon with Dr. Brent Bitner at Cottage Grove Dental please call us today at 541-942-7934.